Fursuit Commissions

Until December

If we have been in contact before September 1st, you may still send in a quote inquiry and be added to the current queue~

— — Still open for new artistic liberty commissions — —

The following species are eligible for a 15% discount off starting price:
amphibians – birds – horses – insects – reptiles

A unique take on the foam head cartoon style, featuring all realistic inclusions while maintaining a strong personality. No soft teeth or claws on these kids! Head includes a large mouth port with moving jaw, ear vents for a cooler fursuiting experience, and extra large neck covers that extend over the chest and back, perfect for tucking into a shirt on partials.

Partials starting at $1000

Get a quote with a fursuit partial inquiry through Google Forms!

– Head, handpaws, armsleeves, and medium tail
– Large, 3 inch resin eyes
– 2 inch fur (x1 color), 1 inch fur (x2 colors)
– And more!

Once you have sent an inquiry and wish to make a purchase, communications to discuss the details of your fursuit may be made via email or Discord.

Full Partial

Full Partial Inquiry


Halfsuit Inquiry


Fullsuit Inquiry


– Indoor feetpaws –
– Wings –
– Design update –
– Other (ask!) –


Shipping may cost anywhere between $50 – $100, potentially more based on the weight of the fursuit and where it’s shipping to. It is not included in the cost of your commission.


– 3 inch resin eyes
– Basic resin teeth
– Basic silicone tongue
– Large neck cover


– Basic resin claws
– Basic silicone paw pads
– Forearm length

Outdoor Feetpaws

– Basic resin claws
– Sturdy mat soles
– Mid-foreleg length


Not settled on a design? No problem! You can purchase a design update of your current character or order an artistic liberty design based on a color or theme.

About Iridescent Mirage

I’m an experienced freelance digital artist and relatively new maker who has made two fursuit heads of excellent quality. I’m not as fast as the pros at making these critters as I’m still learning! To ensure the best possible result, I take an interactive approach to the commission process, working with clients to find the best matches for their characters and providing concept art before moving on to the physical creation.